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United States Army Veteran, received the Bronze Star for Valor for Valorous actions against an enemy of the United States.
Mr. Davis has been the County Chair since his election in 2012, and has consistently worked to lower taxes, (Mr. Davis spoke out against the 1 cent sales tax), and has been working for the past three years to reduce property taxes.
Mr. Davis constantly asks the three following questions, "Do we need it, what is the cost, and do we have to raise taxes to pay for it?"
If the cost is too high, or it will raise ad valorum taxes, he votes NO.
Mr. Davis is also a stickler for the rules, and takes the oath of office very seriously. 

Mr. Davis Voted NO on all of the "Waverly Investigation" motions, stating that "It is a violation of the County Charter according to paragraph 309", to which he was later shown to be correct.

Mr. Davis has stated the he works on average 50 hours a week, and has been known to say that this is the most important full time part time job he has ever had. It is also very well known that Mr. Davis either answers his phone directly, or calls the citizens back as soon as he can.

"I work for the People of Volusia County, and if the issue is important to them, then it is important to me, and they deserve the time to talk to me about it."

Being a veteran, Mr. Davis has also worked with the Veterans Administration here locally, as well as in Washington D.C., to try to correct the back log of veterans claims. Many Veterans have thanked him for his work, and some have seen the back log shrinking.

So if someone wanted to contact Mr. Davis, they should Call him at (386) 314-8392